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"La Casa de la Magdalena" (1977), "Essays of Resistance" (1991), "El destino de Norte América", de José Carlos Mariátegui. En narrativa ha escrito la novela "Secreto de desamor", Rentería Editores, Lima 2007, "Mufida, La angolesa", Altazor Editores, Lima, 2011; "Mujeres malas Mujeres buenas", (2013) vicio perfecto vicio perpetuo, poesía. Algunos ensayos, notas periodísticas y cuentos del autor aparecen en diversos medios virtuales. Jorge Aliaga es peruano-escocés y vive entre el Perú y Escocia.

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12 de octubre de 2015

Dorada´s Letter

From Jorge Aliaga´s novel

"Dorada and Chubby  Churrunaga"

Melbourne, 11th of August 2017

Hi there Eleodoro,

I'm supposing you live at the same address.  Forgive me for not having written before. It's been ten years since I got away from Peru.  Shortly after seeing you the last time, I married that gringo, the one from Pozuzo.  We had a son, who died not long after, from cholera.  The whole thing was a tragedy.  We couldn't get a visa for Germany.  I decided to get divorced before he got me pregnant again.  The agent who sorted out my papers for an Australian visa, the one who was crazy about me, gave me a son.  I haven't been able to see him since he was born.  I had to leave for my own good.  I wanted to progress.  Buy a house, a car.  I wanted to see the world, but I couldn't realise my dream.  I've spent all these years, washing dishes in a lousy restaurant, but now my ideas have changed, I want to return to Peru, to my parents' house.  I left my son with them.  In Lima I could work as whatever I wanted.  I'm a professional and I think that my standard of living in Peru could be much higher than I have here.  I ask you to please help me financially, as much as you can, so I can gather enough money together for my ticket home.  I am writing to a list of friends for their help to get me out of Australia.  Don't think that I'm only after your money.  When  I get to Lima, I hope to see you, and spend time with you, as we did during our days of expedition through the Peruvian jungle.  I still look attractive dear Eleodoro; many gringos have told me so.  When I arrive in Lima, I would like to make a proposal.  Maybe we could start something formal together?  Consider this in time for my return to Lima dearest.  I'm sure I can make you happy.
Kisses for you, Dorada.

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