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2 de abril de 2014

Scottish people will fight for its right to independence

Scottish people will fight for its right to independence
by Jorge Aliaga Cacho
Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, added his scream to the grotesque attitude of intimidation by those opposed to Scottish independence, like Mr Alistair Darling, pro-unionist, Former Chancellor. I wrote a previous note where pointed out the truth about the Pound Sterling: I said that hundreds of thousands of Scots had experienced humiliation when their holiday Scottish currency was not accepted as legal tender abroad, and I proposed the creation of a new currency for Scotland: The Thistle.
But our discussion is not just about a new currency or a new currency's name. It is about the economy. It is about telling the bullies of the "No" Campaign, that the Scots will not be intimidated by their tactics of  fear, suggesting that the Scottish economy would suffer a drop if independence would be achieved. We have to tell Nick Clegg and Alistair Darling that their economic concepts need urgent revision. Nick Clegg suggested that an independent Scotland may not share the British Pound as the single currency. These thugs should remember, Adam Smith, when he stated that 'the wealth of a country is not measured in terms of quantity of gold or silver  but according to the total  sum  of its production and trade'.  And I believe that Scottish people has nothing to learn from the English regarding this themes.  On the contrary: the case is that an independent Scotland will share a bigger global market that will feel attracted by its products, national identity and services.  The achievement of independence, in fact, will mean prosperity for the Scottish people. The bullies will not pass! I will vote: Yes!

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