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13 de abril de 2014

Scottish People Must Fight for Independence

By Jorge Aliaga Cacho
It seems that the activists of the NO CAMPAIGN can not agree among themselves. But what it is really clear is that if an independent Scotland can produce a 'cataclysmic' impact, as Lord Roberson says, this will be a positive one that can generate better conditions of living for Scottish people, neighbouring countries and the World as a whole.  Precisely this was annonced by Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, when he stated that an independent Scotland would be a 'good citizen' and he expressed his ambition to promote the influence of Scotland to achieve a climate of justice and global progress, solution of the world's conflicts and sustainable development.  If these outcomes are the ones that Lord Robertson calls 'cataclysmic' impact so we must welcome them for the good of Scotland and the World. We must welcome and vote for independence to restore to Scotland all its rights as a nation state.  Alex Salmond has stated that Scotland would be a great nation without trying to be a global power. Recently the media has launch other big lie stating that more than 250 billion pounds will go south of the border if Scotland gets its idependence.  This is bullying and they know it very well.  The fact is that investors go for the country that offers better dividends and results for their money.  This is why we saw investments done in South Africa's former regime of Apartheid or in Chile's Pinochet.  The independence of Scotland will not affect the level of inversion in the country.  On the contrary it will increase with the increment of its market.
Meanwhile, Scottish voters are receiving daily smear phone calls from "Better Together  Campaign" intimidating the Scottish electorate.
I call the Scottish people, particularly the young citizens, to make more use of the internet by expressing their views on this historical issue that will affect their future.  Let's go all out in 'the spirit of William Wallace, Robert Burns, Mick Mcgahey, and many others, and fight for the indepence of your country. Stand firm, together we will win.

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