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16 de marzo de 2014

Je T'aimais inconstant, qu'aurais je fait fidèle?

 Je T'aimais inconstant, qu'aurais je fait fidèle?
                                                                                                          (Jean Racine, 1639-1699)
                                                                                                        "Andromaque". IV, v.1365

The Andromaque
by Dr Yves Ferroul

It was said by the ancient Greeks that Andromaque, the wife of Homer’s great hero, Hector, used to “ride her husband.” And they told how “behind closed doors, Phrygian slaves masturbated whenever Andromaque rode Hector’s horse.” Thus did the Greek lovers make it acceptable for the woman to get on top, dominating the man and controlling the lovemaking.

The Andromaque
© Alejandro Rodriguez

Today, sexologists recommend this position to all apprentice lovers, as well as to women wishing to experience orgasm during penetration; or men who want to learn how to control their ejaculation.

A woman who cannot achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse may want to touch her clitoris. According to some surveys, during penetrative sex, fifty per cent of European women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Gentle stimulation during penetration can help her discover that longed-for moment of pleasure! Clitoral stimulation is easier and more satisfying in the Andromaque than in the missionary position.

Some women prefer to stimulate the clitoris by rubbing against the man’s pelvis and pubic hair rather than using their hands. To do this, the Andromaque position is certainly preferable to the missionary position where the woman has little room to move her hips and is more-or-less trapped under her partner. In the Andromaque, she can move her back and chest freely, adjusting her body to the ideal angle. This will ensure that her clitoris is sufficiently simulated by her partner’s pelvis.  She can also control the intensity of the pressure and the rhythm of the movement, depending on how she feels.   

The man who wants to control his ejaculation can easily do so.  He needs to learn to relax and enjoy the erotic experience, so needs to distract himself from the excitement of penetration, something that is quite difficult in the missionary position, when he is totally in charge.

In the Andromaque, he can hardly move, which this helps him relax mentally and overcome his fear of the unexpected.  He is still excited by the sight of his partner’s body, her hips, her breasts as well as her face.  Caresses and kisses, easily given and received, are also important and this variety of erotic stimulation distracts him from his anxiety. The sexual act can soon cease to be an ordeal to become fun again.

This position is excellent for mastering the essentials of lovemaking and it’s also very satisfying. The woman can play with her clitoris and experiment with different movements and sensations, and her partner will enjoy the view that she offers: her writhing body, aroused and excited.

These are erotically charged moments for both lovers: for the women, who offers herself, and the man, who receives.  

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