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26 de abril de 2015

Andina Aliaga asked clarification from Scottish nationalist candidate

Hi Andina

I share your concerns about some of the provisions which are reportedly being discussed in the context of TTIP.  The secrecy surrounding the discussions makes it difficult to have a proper public debate but I will oppose any agreement which makes the privatisation of our NHS and public services easier and which allows corporations to sue governments for excluding services from the orbit of the agreement.

The First Minister and SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon has stated that she strongly opposes the inclusion of public services in TTIP, that she has big concerns about the rights of corporations to sue governments (ISDS), and that she opposes any agreement that has terms like that included in it. At FMQs on 4th December, Nicola Sturgeon said: “I will fight tooth and nail against any moves to privatise the NHS in Scotland by the back door, and if the TTIP agreement ever put that threat, it would be opposed strongly by this Government.”

You might also be aware that he SNP conference last month carried unanimously a resolution which says we will reject any agreement which compromises our public services.

The SNP are concerned by the lack of transparency of the negotiations process on TTIP.  The Scottish Government has made several representations to the UK Government and the European Commission on TTIP to make concerns about the national health service and public services very clear. While both have responded saying that TTIP does not pose any threat to the NHS, the public and the Scottish Government must see the final legal text of any agreement to be fully assured that this is true.

I am not against new trade agreements per se  but this cannot come at the price of the threat of the privatisation of our public services like the NHS.

If elected I will support any moves to exempt public services and I will vote against any agreement which allows corporations to undermine democratically elected governments.

I hope this answers your concerns.

Best regards

Tommy Sheppard
SNP Parliamentary Candidate | Edinburgh East / 07717 571865 16a Willowbrae Road, Edinburgh, EH8 7DB

From: Andina Aliaga  
Sent: 19 April 2015 13:51
To: Tommy Sheppard
Subject: TTIP: where do you stand?

Dear Tommy Sheppard,

Have you heard of TTIP?  As the SNP candidate in my local constituency, I would like you to take a strong stance against this trade deal which threatens our democracy and public services.

It’s great to hear the SNP saying our NHS must be excluded from TTIP. But do you also oppose the ISDS clause which could allow corporations to sue the Scottish government? Will you promise to vote against any version of TTIP which includes an ISDS clause?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,
Andina Aliaga

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