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"La Casa de la Magdalena" (1977), "Essays of Resistance" (1991), "El destino de Norte América", de José Carlos Mariátegui. En narrativa ha escrito la novela "Secreto de desamor", Rentería Editores, Lima 2007, "Mufida, La angolesa", Altazor Editores, Lima, 2011; "Mujeres malas Mujeres buenas", (2013) vicio perfecto vicio perpetuo, poesía. Algunos ensayos, notas periodísticas y cuentos del autor aparecen en diversos medios virtuales. Jorge Aliaga es peruano-escocés y vive entre el Perú y Escocia.

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18 de marzo de 2008

Gabriel García Márquez's favourite song

 Old Horse
(Caballo Viejo)
 Author: Venezuelan Composer Simón Narciso Díaz Márquez 
(August 8, 1928 – February 19, 2014

Translated by Jorge Aliaga Cacho

When love arrives like this
In such a manner
You don’t even realise
The rushes turn green
The huamanchito blossoms
And its leaves open. (bis)
Old horse is put out to grass
Coz he is tired and old
But they don’t realise
How much his heart is breaking
When his bridle is taken
And his reins are put away
When old horse sees a lovely filly
His heart leaps and breaks the rules
He never will be reined in
Even if treated like a mule.
When love arrives like this
In such manner
Nobody is to be blame
Coz desire has no timetable
No date in the calendar
When true love arrives
Old horse is put out to grass
When his days are numbered
Sometimes with his little filly
In an abandoned corral
Old horse is loaded in the morning
And he walks his old horse pace.
The colt wastes his time
Because he’s young and strong
The old horse can’t afford
To waste the time in his hand
Coz after this life
you don’t get another chance.
When love arrives like this……Caballo! (bis)

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