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"La Casa de la Magdalena" (1977), "Essays of Resistance" (1991), "El destino de Norte América", de José Carlos Mariátegui. En narrativa ha escrito la novela "Secreto de desamor", Rentería Editores, Lima 2007, "Mufida, La angolesa", Altazor Editores, Lima, 2011; "Mujeres malas Mujeres buenas", (2013) vicio perfecto vicio perpetuo, poesía. Algunos ensayos, notas periodísticas y cuentos del autor aparecen en diversos medios virtuales. Jorge Aliaga es peruano-escocés y vive entre el Perú y Escocia.

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24 de junio de 2016

Andina Aliaga on Britain's referendum to leave European Union

Andina Aliaga

Por Andina Aliaga
Felling a myriad of negative emotions as I wake up to this horrendous news, this country feels like an open prison, I just want to get out as so as I can join a community that doesn't fear positive ideals, I don't see a place here for us politically active lefties? The ignorant, fearful folk who have no interest in anything other than where they are going on holiday and Jeremy Kyle will just continue to swallow up the neatly crafted bullshit they are spoon fed from their corporately owned media and destroy us all while they look on silently. It feels like the Scottish referendum all over again, there has been no vocal apologies or admittance of hoodwinkery from those Tory loving no voters in spite of the fact that so many of the promises they were fed from Westminster were negated on (remaining in Britain will keep you in Europe being a contextual one here). As a Buddhist I love everyone, but that doesn't necessarily mean I want to be around them, they are creating a selfish society that in no way reflects the attitudes and beliefs of my faith and I am deeply concerned about allowing myself and my daughters to remain in a place that promotes such short thinking and intolerant policies. In the past I've always thought, "but I can't leave the nhs", let's be honest here, all you out voters have destroyed the most beautiful socially historic political initiative there has ever been, it was the envy of the world, and you've just fucked it in the ass. Shame on you all and I feel a great deal of pity for the the suffering you have placed on your innocent children's heads. Who wants to chip in for our own island?! Namaste. X

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