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"La Casa de la Magdalena" (1977), "Essays of Resistance" (1991), "El destino de Norte América", de José Carlos Mariátegui. En narrativa ha escrito la novela "Secreto de desamor", Rentería Editores, Lima 2007, "Mufida, La angolesa", Altazor Editores, Lima, 2011; "Mujeres malas Mujeres buenas", (2013) vicio perfecto vicio perpetuo, poesía. Algunos ensayos, notas periodísticas y cuentos del autor aparecen en diversos medios virtuales. Jorge Aliaga es peruano-escocés y vive entre el Perú y Escocia.

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1 de febrero de 2011

Ray Newton will be 84 on the 21 February - Happy Birthday Ray!

Photo: Colin Fox, Jorge Aliaga and Ray Newton.

From a great Internationalist
 Ray Newton: message to Jorge Aliaga

Great to hear from you! When will you be in Edinburgh? Yes, I'll be 84 on the 21 February and reasonably fit - just getting slower so I'm gradually reducing my commitments but very much in contact with several organisations as the rich get richer and the poor are getting poorer - paying for the deficit that wasn't their fault but that of the greedy capitalist system. It's good to see Latin America moving away from the grasp of the USA and Egypt showing the Arab world how to change things! More power to your elbow and send me your news. I prefer emailing as I look at them every day - can't be bothered with photos! With the best of memories and hope you are keeping well. Ray.


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